Tax Affiliate Program Benefits

Becoming an Affiliate Partner

Becoming an affiliate of Clear Choice Tax is a great way to expand your business offerings, by providing Tax Relief and Resolution to your customers. We offer three different affiliate tiers, to match your customer base and experience by providing backend tax resolution services. Each tier provides a carefully balanced mix of revenue potential and initial investment.

For more details on how partnering up with Clear Choice Tax can establish your company as a Tax Resolution Provider, contact our office today and speak with one of our affiliate managers at 1 866.977.6564.

We focus on representation of clients before the IRS and State Taxing Authorities.

When your client hire our firm, they benefit from our tax professionals’ experience and expertise, so they won’t feel like they're on their own trying to navigate through all the complex tax rules and regulations.

We provide a great variety of tax services, including audit representation, tax examination appeals, tax collection resolution, and bank levy and wage levy removals.

We take great pride in our program because we feel we provide high quality services in a fair and honest manner and at a very reasonable cost. We want to give our clients a realistic assessment of what resolutions are available in their particular situations. We are careful not to create unreasonably high expectations that would result in our clients being disappointed if things did not turn out as expected.

One really great feature of our program is that we don’t set a single fee for the entire service at the beginning of the process. Instead, we offer a TWO-PHASE program, which results in our clients paying only for the services they actually need.

We believe you will find the cost of our services to be very fair and reasonable when compared to our competitors. We understand the uncertainty and anxiety that is usually felt when one is subject to collection efforts by a big government agency.

We don’t believe it is right to take advantage of a taxpayer’s vulnerabilities, so from the beginning we are careful not to create unfounded expectations, or make promises that cannot be kept, or exaggerate the value of our services, as unfortunately sometimes happens with other tax resolution companies.

3 Layers of Protection

Protecting Our Clients

Protecting Our Affiliate Branch

Protecting Our Processors

Key Facts About Us

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In-House Tax Attorney & CPA

In-House Licensed Tax Professionals

Protection Layer One - The "Client"

Our program has layers of protection that benefit everyone involved. Our first layer of protection is for the clients. From the point that prospects or clients are being introduced to our program, we are setting realistic expectations for them. We have seen tax resolution companies that engage in deceptive marketing campaigns, often using TV and radio ads, and sales personnel who are free to make snap judgments and unfounded promises, all of which create false hopes that eventually result in confusion and disappointment.

Our Phase One service exists to realistically determine the client’s needs, the resolution or resolutions available, and the resolution the client should pursue. We conduct an honest and thorough investigation of the client’s financial situation, then we carefully analyze the data, and then we consult with the client to come to an agreement on the kind of resolution that will be sought. At that point both we and the client can confidently enter into a Phase Two agreement to seek a resolution that has a realistic possibility of being obtained.

Protection Layer Two - The "Affiliate Branch"

It is rare you will find other tax companies that will offer an affiliate program--because tax resolution is both a complex and time-consuming process. A licensed tax professional will tell you that every case is different and results are very difficult to predict. Our affiliate is protected by being spared from making predictions on resolutions and outcomes. It is offering our Phase One program, which is designed to determine what resolutions are available and realistic under the circumstances.

What the affiliate offers is Phase One investigation, analysis, and consultation, all of which are matters we know we can deliver. Similarly, respecting Phase Two, no promises are to be made regarding matters that are not within our control, such as how the IRS will respond to a particular resolution proposal we put forward. The affiliate is not pressured to make uneducated guesses as to specific outcomes. Our clients will appreciate our concern to avoid misunderstandings and make good on what is promised. Transparency is a key factor in our success.

Protection Layer Three - The "Backend Provider"

We as the backend provider are protected when our affiliate has no reason and no ability to make promises that may be difficult to keep. And we deliver the kind of quick service that makes clients satisfied with both us and the affiliate. Once you have enrolled the client in our Phase One program, we get to work immediately.

Before any funds are taken, we initiate contact with the IRS through its Tax Practitioner Priority Service Hotline to conduct a compliance check and identify all alleged discrepancies in IRS records. We order all relevant IRS transcripts, such as wage and income transcripts and records of account. We will be fully armed with the client’s tax information before we make our welcome call and discuss what we have learned. This immediate involvement will reduce the client’s anxieties and concerns and boost the client’s confidence.