First Step - Phase One

Our tax attorney are experienced in a variety of tax resolution services, including audit representation, tax examination appeals, enforcement action prevention, and bank levy and wage levy removals.

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Phase One – Tax Liability Investigation, Analysis, and Consultation

There are a number of different tax debt resolution arrangements that are available from the IRS. Obtaining the available resolution most favorable to you requires careful preparation and skilled presentation. Our tax professionals will conduct a forensic analysis, reviewing your IRS transcripts line by line.

We will conduct a thorough financial interview with you, reviewing your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses, and prepare an IRS Collection Information Statement, usually Form 433A and/or 433B, with required attachments.

We will conduct an analysis of your case so as to determine the best IRS program for which you are eligible, and explain to you our findings and recommendations.

If you have tax liability to the IRS have not filed all of the tax returns that were due from them in past years. Your actual liability to the IRS cannot be determined until all tax returns that were due in past years have been correctly prepared and filed. We cannot complete "Phase One" investigation and analysis until all past due tax returns has been filed.

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  • Financial Analysis
  • Data Compilation
  • Prepare State Forms
  • Resolution Consultation

Fed & State$995

  • Financial Analysis
  • Data Compilation
  • Prepare Federal & State Forms
  • Resolution Consultation


  • Wage Levy Removal
  • Bank Levy Removal
  • 30 - 90 days Ext
  • Seizure Hold
  • Enforcement Hold

Additional information on "Other Tax Services"

Retrieval of Missing Wage Information

We can retrieve your prior year (2003-2012) 1040, 1099-R, or W2 transcripts from the IRS on your behalf for a single or for multiple years. Any request received before 3 PM EST will be fulfilled within two business days.

Audit Protection (1yr)

A tax professional who is trained in accounting principles with regards to taxation will personally review your tax return for errors, potential audit items, and any additional deductions that you may be entitled to receive.

Tax Return Review

A tax professional will perform a review of your return for potential audit items. We will also represent your case before the Examination Division of the IRS in case of an unfortunate event of an audit.