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When you hire our firm, you benefit from our tax professionals' experience and expertise , you don't have to navigate through all the complex tax rules and regulations on your own.

We are a full service tax resolution and accounting company.

Consultation and a complimentary tax compliance check.
(100% Free)
Tax Liability Investigation, Analysis, and Consultation
(starting at $495)
IRS or State Engagement and Resolution Process
(starting at $299)
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Type of Tax Relief Services

Bank Levy Release

Release IRS Bank Levies

Wage Levy Release

Release IRS Wage Garnishments & Levies

Remove Tax Lien

Need to refinance? Get your loan modified?

Remove Tax Penalties

Reducing tax penalties can be a big relief.

Offer in Compromise

Make an offer up to 84% of what you owe!

Currently Not Collectible

Suspending enforcement action up to 1 year!

Installment Agreement

Negotiate a payment arrangement!

Late Tax Return Filing

Haven't filed for years? We can go back more than 10 years!

Initial Case Interview - 100% Free

During your first interview with us, we want to make sure that your experience with us will be one that is most comfortable and as informative as possible. We understand that not all cases would require the attention of a license tax professional so our staff is trained to ask the right questions to determine if hiring a tax professional would be necessary or beneficial to you.

What makes our company unique is that we offer a FREE no Obligation tax consultation and FREE IRS Federal Tax Compliance Check.

A compliance verification check allows us to verify and identify all tax issues on a taxpayers' master tax file. In order to execute a compliance check with the IRS, we must first obtain a signed authorization form 8821 from the taxpayer.

What information can be obtain during the compliance call with the IRS?

Conducting an IRS compliance check, we are provided all information that has pending tax liability issues, such as balances due, under reporting issues, examination under review, bankruptcy or OIC pending and collection status and Collection Expiration Date or CSED etc...

Other identifiable issues such as, unfiled tax years, substitute for return balances, tax years with filing requirements.

Once a compliance check has been completed, generally transcripts are ordered pertaining information relevant to the issue tax years.

What types of transcripts are available?

  • Account Transcripts: Tax history of all recorded transactions and activities on the issue year account.
  • Wage & Income Transcripts: All income information reported to the IRS.
  • Tax Return Transcripts: Transcript of tax return submissions. Note: Only 3 years back will be on file.
  • Record of Accounts: Combination of Account Transcripts & Tax Return Transcripts. Note only 3 years back will be on file.

We strongly believe that you should only hire someone who is willing to listen, learn and willing to research your case diligently before making a recommendation towards a final resolution plan. You wouldn't want a doctor to start operating without first examining your X-Ray to figure out what surgical procedure is appropriate, would you? So be wary of those who assumes or make speculations on a specific outcome of your case without doing their own homework before they conclude what the final assessment would be to your case.

On your first interview with us or anyone else here are some key points to lookout for before you decide to hire us or anyone else:

  • Don't Hire us or Anyone else if you were Promised the World
  • Don't Hire us or Anyone else if you were Guaranteed a specific resolution outcome to your case
  • Don't Hire us or Anyone else if you were Pressured to make a decision today
  • Don't Hire us or Anyone else if you were promised that you will Save thousands of dollars
  • Don't Hire us or Anyone else if we say we are the Best company and no other company can do better

It is important that you understand, during your initial interview stage, we ask that you provide us with the most accurate and honest information regarding your current situation. This will enable us to determine whether or not your situation requires you to hire a tax professional.

Example: If you are currently on a resolution plan with either the IRS or State Agency, keep in mind that we can only assist you in modifying your current terms with the taxing authorities only if your current circumstances has changed dramatically since. Example includes, income being reduced, loss of employment, or additional mandatory expenses is preventing you from meeting your current obligations to make regular IRS or State payment arrangements.

Example: If you are able to pay off your tax liability in full and or have the ability to borrow from equity or assets to pay the tax liability off in full, we suggest you do so because generally if you owe more than $50,000 the IRS would require a full financial disclosure and if they see you have the ability to pay them off in full they will require you to do so unless you are willing to put enough down to bring your tax liability below the $50,000 threshold than you will meet the Streamline Installment Agreement criteria and no financial disclosure would be required or necessary to place you on a streamline payment arrangements.

We understand that owing money to any government agency can be nerve wracking and stressful but you shouldn't need to worry, by taking a proactive approach to your tax problem, you can rest assure that we will work hard and diligently to find the appropriate resolution plan that could help resolve your tax issues. So before you decide to hire us let's have a conversation where you can explain to us exactly how this tax problem was created